Month: April 2014

Battle Fever J – 02 and 03

Work on episode 2 and episode 3 is done!

Click here for the episode 2 subtitle file.

Click here for the episode 3 subtitle file.

I’ve make a couple decisions for the sake of consistency in my subtitles.

  • I’m referring to the leader as General instead of Shogun (the original source seems to vary from episode to episode).
  • When the monsters introduce themselves in relation to Egos, I’m calling them Sons of Egos (sounds like that should be a show on AMC or something).

Making the original translated dialogue make sense hurts my brain sometimes (see below).



As always, enjoy!


Battle Fever J – 01

I’ve finished work on the first episode, and in the process I learned some valuable lessons, mostly about time-management when doing this kind of stuff.

I don’t expect to get fully ramped up until May, and hopefully then I’ll be putting out 4 or 5 episodes a week.

Click here to download the subtitle file for Episode 1.

You’ll also find it in the Box widget on the right, and over on my Releases page.


My First Project: Battle Fever J

People that know me, know this: I do not speak or read Japanese.

They also know that in recent years, I’ve become a big Tokusatsu fan.

After watching many different shows, I’ve come to really appreciate the work done by fansubbing groups (to whom I have links posted on the right hand side of this blog).

So, after checking out tons of stuff, I’ve noticed that there’s a show I really want to watch, Battle Fever J. The RAWs are out there, but the fully subtitled version is taken from 20 to 30 year old video tapes that decayed significantly by the time they were transferred to a digital format. In addition, there are some issues with the timing on the originals, names that were cleaned up so they wouldn’t scare the children, small things like that.

All the while I find myself thinking, “You know, all it would take would be some time and I could probably fix this.”

So I’ve finally decided that I’m going to just go ahead and do it. I’ll transcribe all 52 episodes, and teach myself how to make subtitles for the Bunny Hat RAWs of the series.

I’m not translating, I’m just transcribing and fixing what I believe to be small mistakes. This is going to be a learning experience for me, and I hope that this will be an interesting challenge.

From what I’ve watched so far it’s a really fun series and really deserves to be easier to watch.