Month: May 2014

Battle Fever J – 08 & 09

I have now added “flailing” to my list of responsibilities in the credits of episode 9. I do that a lot…

Some of Den Masao’s lines are a bit odd, and I don’t think I can make heads or tails of them, so they stay as is!

Episode 08

Episode 09



So, I’ve learned a couple of things.

This is hard work, and if I want to actually get a couple of my professional certifications done this summer, as well as this show, I’m going to have to take this fairly slow.

I’m going to (for now) aim for one or two episodes a week until I’ve finished at least one of my certs.

As always, I encourage you to grab the raw files here and check out MegaBeast Empire for their full translations of the series, as they will be far superior to what I’m putting out once they’re finished.

In the meantime, what I do will tide you over. And quite frankly, Battle Fever is worth watching multiple times (says the guy who has to watch each episode about six times at least before it’s ready for you guys).