Battle Fever J 10 & 11, and a question

Here we are, with two Kenya-centric episodes.

Episode 10

Episode 11

A friend described Kenya by comparing his relationship with the rest of Battle Fever to that of Wolverine to the rest of the X-Men. They both seem to be the only ones that ever actually do anything on a regular basis.

Now, on to that question.

Would you, the toku-loving public, like me to try my hand at hard-coding the subtitles into proper video files for download? On one hand, it’d make watching them easier and be valuable experience for me, on the other hand nobody would bother watching them after MegaBeast Empire‘s episodes are released.

Let me know in the comments, or send me an email via the About page.

Also, as always, I appreciate constructive criticism and helpful advice!


One comment

  1. While personally I’m okay with you just releasing the scripts, if you do decide to make hardsubs, then the simplest way is to add the video and the script into MKV merge, then load that MKV into Handbrake, click the subtitles tab, click “Add subtitles”, and when it pops up, select the sub track that you added in MKV Merge, and then check the box marked “burned in” and then start the encoding. That said, if you decide against making hardsubs, this method can be used by anyone out there who wants to make their own hardsubs.

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