Battle Fever J – Episode 17

A bit of fluff, I think, after the super seriousness of the previous episode.

Episode 17

Here’s the plan as it stands:

Since school’s going to be really really rough on me this fall (From the start of September to the end of December), I’ve decided that I need to finish this project by the end of August, otherwise I won’t have time for it until the new year.

I also think it’ll be good practise for this fall, when I’ll be constantly busy with my school work.

So, here’s what I’m going to do. 4 weeks where I release 5 episodes per week, and 4 weeks where I release 4 episodes per week. That should finish off July and August, and consequently the series.

None of these weeks will be set in stone, but basically I’m going to do 4 episodes a week, sometimes 5, until I’m done at the end of August.




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