Surprise! Battle Fever J 01-26 Batch Torrent (and episode 27 subtitles)

So, the other day Angel contacted me and offered to make the perfect combination of peanut butter and chocolate….. I mean, subtitle and video file.

So may I present our first full video release: Torrents at AniDex (added on 2 May 2017)

Here’s where I say thanks to JN Productions for making this possible in the first place.

Thanks Angel of Love & Care Fansubs for doing this, you rock!

Thanks Bunny Hat for posting the raws, which also made this possible.

Now, the torrent will be a little slow at first, but once others start to seed it as well, things will pick up.

Direct download links will be up on the releases page by the end of the week now.

Oh yeah, here’s Episode 27’s subtitles, too!



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