Video Formats and stuff!

Just a quick note, in addition to the MKV files, I’ll be posting MP4s, likely over the weekend.

I’ve also renamed the Releases page to Downloads for clarity.

EDIT: I should also note, Angel from Love & Care Fansubs has been awesome enough to encode these files for me…

No, not just me, for all of us. Again, I’d like to thank Angel for all of their work in making Battle Fever J that much more accessible.



  1. Is there a link to Love & Care Fansubs? I would like to see what they sub but can’t seem to find them through google.

    1. Sadly there is not, otherwise I’d be happy to plug it wherever I could. I believe that Angel is still putting together that group, so there’s no particular projects as of yet.

      1. Okay, thank you. I would be happy to cheer them along as well! :3 Keep up the good work, Nemet!

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