Month: August 2014

Battle Fever J: Episode 52 (End)

It’s been a wild ride, but today, we’ve reached the end of it together.


Episode 52: The End EDIT: Video (both formats) available for download over on the Downloads page.

When I set out to do this originally, I clearly had no idea how in-over-my-head I was. This was a heck of a lot of work to do, and the hard part was already done for me.

I’m glad I did it, and if I were to know what I know now, back when I was first making this decision, I’d make the same decision once more.


Thanks to everybody that helped me out and encouraged me along the way, gave me advice, left a comment, or were involved in any way at all. You’re all amazing and are shining examples of why tokusatsu fandom is a great place to be!


Battle Fever J: Episode 51

The penultimate episode, where the General has one last trick up his sleeve for the enemy!

Episode 51

The last episode will be out tomorrow, video files will follow in due time, as will a torrent for the second half of the series.

Battle Fever J: Episode 49

Battle Fever goes to the kid-well way too often for my tastes.

Episode 49

Internet update: Right now I’m at a friend’s place for Productivity Night, using their internet to post tonight instead of in the morning. For a hoot, you should read hers and her husband’s comics. My own home service should be restored on Friday.

If I need to, I’ll go to a local coffee shop on the weekend to post the last two episodes. Hopefully it won’t come to that. Though I do like a good hot chocolate.