Month: November 2014

Battle Fever J for Newcomers

Welcome! A lot of new people are stopping by, so I thought this post would be appropriate.

No doubt you’re here, because you (much like myself) are interested in watching Battle Fever J.

You can go over to my Downloads page for individual episodes, or you can grab the two halves of the series via torrent below in the format of your choosing (so long as the format is MP4 or MKV).

Torrents at AniDex (added on 2 May 2017)

DDL at (added 21 January 2018)

A few notes about this version of the show:

  • The subtitles are taken from the old Hawaiian broadcasts.
  • They were far from perfect, and as a result are still far from perfect.
  • I’ve tried to fill in the gaps as best I can, but with zero ability in Japanese, I only have context to go off of.
  • Yes, I put in some of my own humour from time to time. I usually do this when lines are really bad, make no sense, or have not been translated at all.
  • I do not do this for all lines that are really bad, make no sense, or haven’t been translated.

These subtitles are not intended for sale or profit. I’ve come across my subs being used on streaming sites with ads, and even DVD sets for sale. These do NOT benefit me or the original creators, so do not support them.

Any questions I’ve been asked two or three times will show up on my FAQ, and if you have any questions, ask them any time, either in the comments or via the contact form on my about page.

One question that does come up a lot is “Will you sub another series?” and as much as I’d love to, I don’t understand enough Japanese to do so. So really, unless the perfect storm¬†(me caring about a show, the show being subtitled with poor video quality, good quality raws available for the show) hits again, the answer is no.

Another question that’s surfaced recently is “Could you seed this batch?” and the answer is that I am always seeding all four of them while my computer is on. That’s really the best I can do.