Battle Fever J for Newcomers

Welcome! A lot of new people are stopping by, so I thought this post would be appropriate.

No doubt you’re here, because you (much like myself) are interested in watching Battle Fever J.

You can go over to my Downloads page for individual episodes, or you can grab the two halves of the series via torrent below in the format of your choosing (so long as the format is MP4 or MKV).

Torrents at AniDex (added on 2 May 2017)

DDL at (added 21 January 2018)

A few notes about this version of the show:

  • The subtitles are taken from the old Hawaiian broadcasts.
  • They were far from perfect, and as a result are still far from perfect.
  • I’ve tried to fill in the gaps as best I can, but with zero ability in Japanese, I only have context to go off of.
  • Yes, I put in some of my own humour from time to time. I usually do this when lines are really bad, make no sense, or have not been translated at all.
  • I do not do this for all lines that are really bad, make no sense, or haven’t been translated.

These subtitles are not intended for sale or profit. I’ve come across my subs being used on streaming sites with ads, and even DVD sets for sale. These do NOT benefit me or the original creators, so do not support them.

Any questions I’ve been asked two or three times will show up on my FAQ, and if you have any questions, ask them any time, either in the comments or via the contact form on my about page.

One question that does come up a lot is “Will you sub another series?” and as much as I’d love to, I don’t understand enough Japanese to do so. So really, unless the perfect storm (me caring about a show, the show being subtitled with poor video quality, good quality raws available for the show) hits again, the answer is no.

Another question that’s surfaced recently is “Could you seed this batch?” and the answer is that I am always seeding all four of them while my computer is on. That’s really the best I can do.



    1. You’re welcome!

      I’m just glad nobody has to watch those decayed video tape transfers any more, but without them, none of this would have been possible.

      1. This is a question I’ve received many times.

        I’m currently working with LFSSS on Choushinsei Flashman and LXC on Turboranger.

        You can find both groups in the links on my main page.

  1. Hy, nice job bro.. Thanks.. 🙂 you know, i’m very happy can found this series with english sub and hd quaity video. Can you make eng sub for Timeranger too? you can make it with RedRogueRanger sub, bro.. 🙂 ARIGATOO!

    1. Thank you for letting me know! Battle Fever is a lot of fun to watch, and I hope you enjoy it.

      While I would love to work on Timeranger, O-T and TV-N are working on that show at their own pace and I’m happy to let them do the quality jobs that they respectively do.

      In addition to that, commitments and circumstances in my own life would prevent me from working on more shows than I already am. Besides, I don’t understand enough Japanese to translate, and the people I know that are capable of translating are swamped with work.

      1. Whattt… No… What I meant was, RRR doesn’t know Japanese at all so he completely guessed what everybody was saying. That’s why nobody likes RRR’s TimeRanger subs.

    2. Whattt… No… What I meant was, RRR doesn’t know Japanese at all so he completely guessed what everybody was saying. That’s why nobody likes RRR’s TimeRanger subs.

      That face when I suck at posting on Nemet’s website. ;-;

  2. Hey man, I found your subs over at KissAsian and I’m watching… I did feel the gaps to be pretty frustrating sometimes (like sometimes when Satan Egos is giving exposition and there’s no caption), but thankfully I know some Japanese, so I can manage – besides it’s better than nothing (there was a time when I had to watch Carranger RAWs because I couldn’t find subs), and you gave an explanation as to why it’s not complete as it should, so it’s forgivable. I just feel you could put up the lyrics to the opening and ending songs, but details.
    So, for better or worse, kudos to you for bringing us Westerners a classic of tokusatsu. ^^

    1. Thanks for your kind message Andy. I didn’t know that KissAsian was using my subs and running ads on the content.
      Battle Fever was a labour of love for me, and while it was always available, those video tape rips were painful to watch. I just wanted to make a small difference, and watch Kenji Ohba be amazing.
      Since starting this project I have learned a lot and managed to end up working with some talented folks on some other series, and we may revisit Battle Fever someday and give it a proper treatment, but for now, it’s watchable, and that makes me happy 🙂
      Cheers, my good man!

  3. Battle Fever is one of the Sentai series I want to see redone. This was one of the first retro Sentais to be subbed and wanted to see how the franchise was saved. I hope that the fires of inspiration will bring someone to help fully sub the series so that everyone can know everything about and catch Battle Fever J. Wish Megabeast would’ve extended the olive branch, but there’s always local studiers of Japanese.

    I want to see matching costumes and a revamped Miss America. Diane was hot, but Maria had the drive to be a true fighter. I also would prefer someone to take over for France because he seemed too much like a stereotype. Don’t know of many prominent countries with three bars on the flag to fill the role of number three though.

    I also want to see the monsters actually grow instead of summoning a giant robot from some random secret facility. Even thought this worked in Bioman, I prefer to have a normal monster of the week fight.Take the defeated monster, turn it into a pile of slime and use the star gem as a power booster to create the giant. Other growth ideas could be to summon a large golem to absorbs the monster and turn into the giant, but it’s been done.

    Hope that you have a good summer and thanks for the great series.

    1. Champstice was a big help in getting this project off the ground, in that I got a lot of advice from them. The folks at MBE are good friends, but also very busy.
      I’m sure that at some point, a group will revisit Battle Fever, giving it the full translation it deserves, and I for one welcome it!

      If the show were to get an update/reboot, I think that it could be a lot of fun, especially if they stuck to the dancing theme.

      Thanks for your comment! It’s been almost three years since I finished this show and I still love it, in all of it’s late 70s glory.

      1. There’s something about the first few series of Super Sentai that hasn’t been restored in the modern series. Did you know that you can understand the plot of Casablanca by watching Maskman? I think there needs to be the right amount of cheesy effects and campy dialogue to show that this franchise is meant for all ages.

        If there was one series that also needs a reboot it’s JAKQ. The cyborg angle works best in Kamen Rider and the whole pimp ranger called Big One was just too much. Give me five normal people with some kind of space-aged Swiss Army Knife so that the rangers aren’t bound to their mechanical components.

  4. Just requesting a seed, please, for the 27-52 MKV batch. It says there’s one seeder on AniDex, but nobody is listed under my “peers” tab on my BitTorrent program (I use Vuze). Stuck at under 50%, been like this for over a month now. Thanks in advance! 🙂 And thanks for putting this show out there for everyone. And my apologies if you get this comment twice, WordPress is being weird atm.

  5. Hey there! Great work with this project! It’s good to see dedicated fans of classic toku series. I see you’ve OCR’d subtitles off of bad quality videos and appended them to higher quality raws. Well, another show that has subs but suffers from bad quality is Kikaider 01. Not only is the video quality unstable but the audio is out of sync for most of the episodes. The torrent in question was clearly done by an amateur and is just unacceptable for fans, so I decided to just buy the DVDs myself. I bought these for my own personal enjoyment and initially had no intention of sharing but because of how expensive the DVDs were, I’ve decided to share anyway out of kindness. If you are interested you can do the same thing with these raws that was done with Battle Fever J. This is not me saying ‘please do this!’ or anything. I already understand Japanese well enough to get through the show without subs but most don’t. So anyone who could find these raws useful, feel free. Be safe.



    1. Thanks for your kind words! To say that I’ve OCR’d them isn’t quite the case (I watched and transcribed at the same time), but that’s a minor detail, no big!

      My personal and professional life at this point doesn’t really allow me time to do this sort of thing on a full-series-at-a-time kind of scale anymore, but thanks for bringing this to my attention. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get less busy and have time for a project of this size, or maybe someone else who has the time and interest will be able to pick it up.
      Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it!

  6. Hey man. I know it’s been a while, but just wanted to ask, for someone who’s never seen the Hawaiian broadcast version, did you just simply transcribe what you could, or did you edit the script at all (aside from obvious mistakes and when you needed to fill in gaps)? Cause GUIS & MBE attempted to do this, most of it ended up being changed.

    1. I transcribed what I saw, and tried to fill some gaps given the context of a scene or episode.
      There were some points where, for the sake of my own sanity (given the pace I felt I had to put the series out at), where I would insert a joke or pun instead of a boring or heavily re-used line. Some people didn’t like that, and that’s okay.
      There were also a couple of cases where there were no subtitles, so I had to either leave it blank or guess at the context of the scene.
      I hope this provides the insight you were looking for. Have a great day!

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