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Nemet’s just a lunatic in his 30s that loves Tokusatsu shows, and has this horrible habit of wanting to make things better for everybody.




  1. Hi, I was just wondering, if somewhere on your site there’s a page detailing the process it took you to produce these working from the previous version? And if not, would you mind going over it for me? (Trying to decide if doing something similar for myself is feasible.)

    1. I don’t think I’ve detailed it anywhere, but sure, here goes! Keep in mind my details might be a little fuzzy as I finished this almost a year ago.

      First things first, I had to download and install Aegisub. It’s free, and ridiculously powerful.
      Also check out this comment from Champstice, which talks about audio and timing. Chapstice was an amazing help for me right from the start of this project.

      I found that turning off the Spectrum Analyzer in Aegisub made it easier for me to time the lines in the show.
      The timing was the most work-intensive part of this project. It wasn’t necessarily hard once you got used to it, but it was time consuming.

      Since the old JNP subs were available in the way that they were (incomplete, sometimes not making much sense, and with very poor video quality), I essentially had them running alongside Aegisub as I was timing.
      I would find the next line in the original, move Aegisub along to the same spot, set up the timing, then type in the line, see if there was enough time to read it on the screen, adjust accordingly, and move along to the next one.

      Now, if you want some advice on how to do this, there’s really only a few things I can tell you that will help you to get it done, and get the word out there:
      1. Set a schedule for yourself to do it. I knew at one point that I had to finish the show by the end of August last year, otherwise I’d be too busy with School until this past January to work on it, and I didn’t want to leave people hanging. Dedicate time on specific days of the week where you say to yourself, “This is when I’m working on this, I’m not doing anything else.”
      2. Remove all distractions. Put in some good active or passive noise-cancelling earbuds. No twitter, no facebook, no tumblr, no outside contact while you’re working. Save that for breaks. You’ll never get anything done if you let distractions in all the time. I even had to go so far some nights as to turn off my phone.
      3. Join forums and start posting. I loathe most forums, even today, but it’s important to engage from time to time with your fansubbing community. I signed up on multiple forums that I had not been on before once I found out folks were talking about what I was doing. More importantly, if nobody’s talking about what you’re doing, then it’s up to you to start! Every tokusatsu forum tends to have an area set aside to find series and new releases.
      4. Get yourself a reliable spot to host your files. No explanation necessary here.

      If you’ve got any more questions, or would like me to elaborate further, please let me know!

      1. Thanks for all the advice! Sorry for taking so long to get back to you; I started making the rounds of asking people if this or that project was ongoing, on hiatus or cancelled. The person currently doing subs for Kamen Rider X said they actually are using this same method and I guess had beat me to it, and are indeed still active, but said they could always use more help. I replied asking what they needed doing and…still waiting for a reply.

        (And no reply from the groups who ages ago started doing Super-1 and RX, but sort of expected as they haven’t been active in a while, so I’ll just take that as a ‘cancelled’ if they stay that way.)

        In any case, if I do end up doing any of these (if I don’t get a reply back on X, I’ll probably give Super-1 a go), I’ll make sure to check back here and keep all you’ve said in mind. Thanks again.

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