Battle Fever J: Episode 43

This episode is so serious, there’s no roll call.

Episode 43


Super serious.

Okay, there’s one joke in here from me. You’ll know it when you see it.

But seriously, he wants to feel that pain, because it gave him hope.


Battle Fever J: Episode 42

Dun, Da-da-da-daaaaaaaaaa, dada-da-daaaaaaaa.

Episode 42

Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, there was about seven minutes missing from the original, but the latter half is mostly intact, so it’s all good.

Today’s episode: Fun with Electricity and Paranoia!

Battle Fever J: Episode 41

Bad news: The JNP original of this episode was missing about 6 to 7 minutes of footage, so there’s a lot missing, but I tried to fill in the blanks as best I could. Still, it’s an easy enough episode to follow.

Worse news: Next episode is roughly in the same shape.

Good news: Episodes 43 to 52 seem to be all at least 22 minutes long, so there’s no significant loss for the homestretch. This is good because filling in the blanks with just a slightly contextual idea of what is happening is really rough.

Episode 41

Battle Fever J: Episode 38

Egos has really been stepping up their plans.

Episode 38

I’d like to stress again that I am on-track for meeting my target date of August 31st.

That being said, I may take a day off to go to the beach at some point, so September 1st is a possibility too.

Regardless, the end is in sight for Battle Fever, and I can’t wait!

EDIT: Video files are now available in the Downloads section.

Fixed some stuff!

Noticed last night that a couple links in the downloads section wouldn’t actually download (mp4 for episodes 13 & 25).

Angel has fixed them, I’ve tested them and they’ll download now!

So if you were waiting for those, go right ahead!

EDIT: Apparently 13 is being a pain again. I did manage to nab it myself. I’ll try hosting it elsewhere when I get a chance.

EDIT PART DEUX: MP4 for 13 here