Battle Fever J: Episode 50

Sixth ranger? Pff, who needs a sixth ranger when you have General Kurama Tetsuzan.

Episode 50

EDIT: Seriously, watch this episode. It’s probably the best episode of the series. Also the video links are live for all videos up until this episode.


Battle Fever J: Episode 49

Battle Fever goes to the kid-well way too often for my tastes.

Episode 49

Internet update: Right now I’m at a friend’s place for Productivity Night, using their internet to post tonight instead of in the morning. For a hoot, you should read hers and her husband’s comics. My own home service should be restored on Friday.

If I need to, I’ll go to a local coffee shop on the weekend to post the last two episodes. Hopefully it won’t come to that. Though I do like a good hot chocolate.

Battle Fever J: Episode 38

Egos has really been stepping up their plans.

Episode 38

I’d like to stress again that I am on-track for meeting my target date of August 31st.

That being said, I may take a day off to go to the beach at some point, so September 1st is a possibility too.

Regardless, the end is in sight for Battle Fever, and I can’t wait!

EDIT: Video files are now available in the Downloads section.